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Open a LAN server to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Best of its kind.

Works everywhere

It works everywhere. and I mean everywhere. If you can read this webpage, you can use e4mc.

Works with vanilla clients

You don't need to install e4mc on both sides. It just gives you a domain. Just share the domain.

No extra software or configuration required

None. The host installs the mod on their side, and that's it. You install the mod, Open to LAN as normal, and you get a sharable domain.

Open source

Yes. The entire thing. The server too. It's all public.

Loved by players worldwide.

    • I don't know what e4mc is but I saw it on Modrinth once

    • I like raccoons

      Trash Panda
    • e4mc is one of the best alternatives to some of the more scummy corporate mainstream "Peer 2 Peer world sharing" mods

      Satisfied Customer
    • Project Approved

      Prospector again
    • Shows up in the first 22 results :foxple:

    • i have done nothing but teleport bread for the past three days

    • men.

    • how can I add a testimonial for e4mc?

    • Sodium is cool

    • I dont know what we are talking about

    • Let me onto your gitea instance !!!!!!! <script>alert('1')</script>

    • e4mc is a highly efficient and simple to use, I haven’t felt this kind of happy in a long time. Finally getting to play a LAN party with the bros again… it’s so special…

    • Haven't used it but it's probably good

    • how can i write a testimonial i have not used it yet

    • when will this be ported to beta 1.7.3??

    • The name reminds me of that one famous equation

    • What is a e4mc?

    • Do not quote me on this

    • i love estrogen for minecraft

    • author of this mod is cool

      albert einstein
    • i didn't say that

      albert einstein
    • where are my packets

    • wait, if this is only one side of the equation, what's the other one?

      Lax -- I mean, Einstein